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Form parts made of Elastomer (caoutchouc)

Production process - compression-moulding

First the raw material is cut into small form parts with a weight according to material quantity needed to fill the mould. Then it is pressed with hydraulic presses. The heat which is needed for the vulcanization process is applied through the pressing mould. The time which is needed to achieve the vulcanization of the product depends on materials and temperature of the mould.

Production process - transfer-moulding

The transfer molding process is similar to the injection molding. The raw material is placed into the preheated mould. While closing the press the material is „injected“ through channels into the molding nests.

Production process - injection-moulding

DInjection molding is made on special injection molding machines. The material is molded inside a special piston which plastifies and tempers during this process. The main advantages are reduced vulcanization cycles through even warm caouthchouc material and very high accuracy on measurements.

Raw materials

We use the following materials:
SBR    Styrol-Butadien-Caoutchouc
EPDM      Ethylen-Propylen-Dien-Caoutchouc
CR    Chloropren-Caoutchouc
NBR    Nitril-Caoutchouc
Q    Silicon-Caoutchouc

  • black
  • red
  • grey
  • transparent

hardness 50 through 90 shores A