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Form parts made of Thermoplasts

Production process - injection molding

Cold granulated form material is filled into the injection molding machine. The rotating “snail” inside the heated piston plastifies the material and transports it to the tip of the piston. From there the material is pressed through the injection channels of the tool in to the molding nests.

During the cooling period the material volume reduces itself. The vacuum is filled by new material from the piston.

Afterward the snail starts to rotate again, the tool opens and the finished products falls out.

Raw materials

We work with the following materials:
PA    Polyamide
PC    Polycarbonat
PE    Polyethylen
PP    Polypropylen
PS    Polystyrol
ABS    Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol
POM      Polyoxymethylen
in different colors upon demand. Moulded part weight up to 125g.