Heating technique

Where man and machine form one entity, the requirements must be <br>one Hundred percent in line

Reliable heat engineering for rail transport,
aviation and machinery construction.


If you are on the move by train or aeroplane, you want to reach your destination comfortably and on time. However, low temperatures in winter or above the clouds set the requirements high. Ultimately the function of the operating technology must be guaranteed in the same way as a comfortable travel temperature in the driver‘s cab / cockpit and in the passenger compartments.

Our heating components and systems are tailored precisely to the conditions and closely checked before they are released for delivery. We take the same care with the design and manufacture of our products, both for process engineering and for plant and machinery construction.

  • Sand pipe heating
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Side-wall heating
  • Step heating
  • Recess heating
  • Collar heating
  • Pantograph heating
  • Switchboard heating
  • Mirror heating
  • Coupling heating
    • Cockpit heating
    • Accumulator heating
    • Barrel heating
    • Container heating
    • Collar heating